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Our high quality material is Eco-Friendly and built to last.
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waterproof rot-free pest-free
anti-slip non-toxic low maintenance
algae resistant splinter free no cracks




Introduction to CELLwood®

A patented revolutionary eco-friendly material that serves as an alternative to wood and WPC.

  • 100% co-polymer product that possesses wood-like look, feel and properties
  • Eliminates the need for wood and wood by-products as raw materials, thereby not contributing to deforestation

Possesses benefits and features that can revolutionise the market:

  • Wood-like properties
  • Slip-resistant
  • 100% waterproof
  • Non-susceptible to water damages
  • Non-toxic: 0% heavy metals, and 0% formaldehyde
  • Easily processed into various shapes via Thermo-Shaping
  • 100% recyclable and reusable

CELLwood® can be applied in the following ways:

As Raw Materials
  • Pellets to sell to other product manufacturers
As Building Materials
  • Materials for building developers
As Floorings Materials
  • Outdoor decking and indoor planks
As Furniture Materials
  • Design and Manufacturing of outdoor furniture
For Landscape, Water and Sculpted Features
  • Design and Manufacturing of Landscape, Water and Sculpted features

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our csr mission
Microcell World Care Center
was formed with this mission in mind.

MicroCell and Our CEO, Mr Derrick Tan shared the same life mission of providing for the needy.

We are committed to set aside 10% of our yearly profits in both monetary and CELLwood materials (which is 100% waterproof) to build water-based structures, be it educational, medical or communal so as to provide a better living conditions for these communities.

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